A film by Martin Guinness




With narration by Peter Coyote

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod

The story of bear bile farming in China and the mission to save ten bears and close down a bear farm

We’re happy to announce that the film can be streamed directly.

Please click HERE to see the film – as well as another film, about caged bears in Vietnam: “Moon Bears: The Hidden Truth”.




Cages of Shame  named as one of “7 Can’t-Miss Films of the Year”

I had seen for myself, on my visit to China, the devotion of all the staff in Chengdu to the rescued bears, and the high standard of care and sensitivity to the needs of all those special animals. But when I saw "Cages of Shame" my feelings of admiration rose even higher. The gruelling journey, for both animals and humans, the fear that some might not survive it and the emergency operation, the gathering exhaustion. But the unfailing calm and professionalism were inspirational to all of us privileged to watch the story unfold. Our joy, as an audience, when the convoy reached the sanctuary was overwhelming. I just want to thank you. We watch from afar but you are never forgotten.


Virginia McKenna OBE

Founder Born Free Foundation

Patron Animals Asia



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